BSLC & Covid-19

Worship 9am sundays

A Prayer

Lord, You do not desire the death of sinners, but rather that we turn from our sin and live our lives in You. Graciously behold all who plead to You for Your protection and spare us the judgment we deserve. Withdraw the scourge of Your anger toward our sin and be moved in mercy to turn this pestilence away from us; for the sake of Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and rules with You and the Holy Spirit, You who are one God, now and forever. Amen.

COVID-19 Response

December 6, 2020 - Currently all indoor activies and worship at Beautiful Savior are suspened due to Covid-19

Worshipping together is an important and encouraging activity of living in the life of Christianity. The past few months of social distancing has been difficult because it has invaded our time uniting us as a people of God to hear His Word proclaimed, remember our Holy Baptisms, partake of His Body & Blood, and receive forgiveness of our sin in the way that most of us have always cherished being able to do.

Now that some of the restrictions of social distancing have been lifted by the State of Illinois, we are again able to return to the joy of worshipping together in the sanctuary of our church home - Beautiful Savior. This is wonderful news and something that we can all look forward to beginning again on Sunday, June 7, at 9:00am.

However, many of the public social distancing practices that were implemented during the shut-down remain strong suggestions to continue until such time that our community is relatively free of COVID-19. For this reason, BSLC has developed the following guidelines for our time worshiping together, both on Sunday mornings and at other group events held in the church building during the week.

1. FACE COVERINGS – Face coverings are REQUIRED for the protection of others at BSLC at this time. Microscopic particles released from a cough, a sneeze, or saliva remain the number one way that COVID-19 is transferred. Please be mindful that face coverings are intended to protect others from you, not you from others. Readers are asked to remove their face covering while they are reading and Pastor will wear a face-covering during Holy Communion as well as before and after the worship service.

2. HAND SHAKING – Handshaking remains discouraged at this time at BSLC as hand to surface contact is the number two way that COVID-19 is transferred. Please use an elbow bump, heart knock, possibly a side-hug, or a polite wave to say hello. Alcohol-based hand-sanitizer will be located in the restrooms and the main areas of the church building, you are encouraged to use it as you feel the need. Pastor will continue to greet you before and after the service without a handshake. The greeting during the worship service will be suspended with the full intention of resuming the worship service greeting at an appropriate time in the future.

3. DISTANCING – The recommendation is to keep a safe six feet distance between you and others who are not in your home; this remains the recommendation of BSLC. However, it is understood that at times this may not be possible in a church setting. Please be mindful of your face covering when this is not possible; and, typically (as good Lutherans) there is always more room to spread out as you move further forward in the sanctuary.

4. HOLY COMMUNION – The bread will be carefully prepared ahead of time by the altar guild and distributed only by Pastor. The common cup will be suspended at this time with the intention of resuming the common cup at an appropriate time in the future. Individual cups will be spaced apart for easy pick-up. Please wear your face covering to the communion step and briefly pull it down when you partake of the Body and Blood.

5. FELLOWSHIP – This is an important part of the church community and something that many want to continue in anyway that we can. For that fellowship after worship on Sundays, please continue wearing your face covering during this time and utilize the hand-sanitizer whenever necessary. To help maintain reasonable sanitation, a team of four individuals will be selected for purchasing and setting up coffee and snacks. Families and individuals are encouraged to continue sponsoring this fellowship with a $20 gift to help cover expenses of the four individuals that are placed in charge.

6. SANITIZATION – Each Sunday morning our safety team representative for that Sunday will arrive early and wipe the most commonly touched areas of the church (handrails, doorknobs, faucets, etc.) with a disinfectant wipe to help ensure that any potential lingering bio-hazards are minimized.


A number of people have indicated that they do understand that the expenses of the congregation do not diminish and have indicated that they will be continuing to be faithful to their Lord through (1) setting up online banking offerings, (2) sending an offering in the mail, (3) registering with GivePLUS+ to establish online giving. 

Please prayerfully consider any of these options.

The church address is:

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church

1501 Deep Lake Road

Antioch, IL 60002


Beautiful Savior does not wish to engage in offering specific advice with regard to health issues. Nevertheless, with the onslaught of information from media outlets, including social media, it is often difficult for some to distinguish between facts and the sensationalism of those facts. For this reason, BSLC wishes to provide for its members, and the public, several reliable and comprehensive resources on which to draw from.


World Health Organization (WHO)


US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)

Lake County Health Department


Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Kenosha County Division of Health