Meeting Minutes


9am Sunday Mornings

BSLC Council Meeting Minutes - 09-28-20

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 6:05pm

Opening Prayer by Mike Adams

Attendance Report

Council Present – Pastor Jeff, Bob Paulson, Mike Adams, Deanne Fisher, Kelly Hensley, Scott Hanson, Tony Kaluzinski (Via Zoom)

Guests Present – 

MMSP: Accept August 24, 2020 minutes as presented


Chairman, Vice Chair, Elders, Trustees, Financial Secretary, Pastor

MMSP: Approval of all reports presented thus far.

Treasurer Report

MMSP: Approval of the treasurer report

Old Business


New Business

MMSP: Approve the Board of Education & Pastor to pursue investigating an outdoor Live Nativity program for 2020. 

MMSP: Refinance the current BSLC mortgage of $346,617.21 with a payment of $4350.00 at a fixed rate of 4.375% maturing in 2030 TO an adjustable rate of 4.125% maturing in 2040 lowering our current monthly payment to approximately $2123.33 with the Lutheran Church Extension Fund.

MMSP: Close the meeting

Closing Prayer

Pastor Jeff

Next Meeting

October 26, 2020 – 6:00pm

Potential Voters’ Meeting

November 22, 2020